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An update from the team

As of December 1st, 2022, we made the heartbreaking decision to shut down Civil. While no new content will be published, our site will be operational indefinitely and open to anyone who wants to use it.

We'll offer more detail on our decision shortly.

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Explore 40+ topics like immigration, gun control, and climate change.

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Make the news your bellringer with bipartisan coverage, discussion questions, and pre-made Google Slides.

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Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:00 am, our team of conservative and liberal writers deliver unbiased news coverage for middle and high school classrooms.

Here's how we make civil learning possible

Political narratives for every issue

Social media bubbles prevent us from hearing other opinions. Civil's original narratives inspired by media sources from the Right and Left make it easy to understand what both sides are saying.

Historical context for modern topics

Set the stage for an informed discussion with your students. Current events include an overview of the history and policies that shaped important issues today.

Evolving Narratives
Discover how political parties change over time with our Narrative History overview.

Classroom Content

News, videos and podcasts – all in one place

Find classroom resources effortlessly with our diverse collection of videos, podcasts, news articles, and more.

Bias revealed
All external content is clearly tagged by political leaning, so you and your students can analyze and navigate bias.

Engaging activities that go beyond reading

Your students could just read the news anywhere. Civil makes current events interactive with simulations, slides, and discussion questions.

What teachers are saying

Civil has made it easier to teach political – and sometimes controversial – topics with materials that showcase both a liberal and conservative perspective.

Tatum W. | North Carolina
Civics, Government & U.S. History

I wanted to explore modern immigration issues and Civil helped me do that really well. My students enjoyed evaluating the bias of different news outlets using Civil’s in-class activities.

Michael S. | New Jersey
APUSH and College Prep U.S. History II