About Us

We're changing the way we learn about politics. Starting with the next generation of thinkers.

The Mission

We provide educators with the tools needed to discuss difficult political issues in their classrooms. Our aim is to create critical, empathetic, and informed students with balanced information, engaging classroom resources and civil discussions.

Balanced information.

We believe bias is everywhere. Instead of hiding it, we are transparent and include sources with perspectives from across the political spectrum.


In our divisive political climate, it has become more difficult to understand each other. Our platform aims to bridge the gap and bring empathy into political discussions.

Critical Thinking.

With so much information at our fingertips, facts have never been harder to find. We teach students the important skills needed to analyze media critically.

Our Story

For nine months, we ran a weekly newsletter that broke down the biggest political story of the week from the Left and Right. Our goal was to lessen the information asymmetry and incivility created by biased media outlets.

In February 2021, three high school teachers told us they were using our newsletter in class every week as a basis for civil discussions on current events.

That was it: instead of producing unbiased media for already biased adults, why not use current events to prepare students for our hyperpolarized world? Over six months later, we’ve built a platform that empowers teachers to do just that.