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About Us

Civil makes the news digestible and bias apparent. We give you the overarching narratives from the Left and Right, so you can get the big picture right away. No more channel flipping or Twitter overload; that’s our job.

News outlets rarely show you what their journalists believe. We think that’s wrong. Would you read an article differently if you knew the writer believed that the issue in question was a hoax? We certainly would, and we believe you have a right to full transparency about our team.

Meet Our Team!

  Max Tendero   Founder  

My name is Max and I graduated from the University of Michigan (2020) with a degree in Political Science. I’m a news junky, extraordinarily mediocre golfer, and am constantly at odds with my passion for ice cream and lactose intolerance.

I founded Civil because I believe that most of the time, the mainstream media puts profit before people, sowing divisiveness, distrust, and animosity. The trajectory we’re on isn’t sustainable, and I (and the rest of the team) refuse to simply stand by and watch. I consider myself a liberal because I think it’s the duty of the lucky (and government) to help those who haven’t been.

  Nathan Wiley   Writer/Web-Design  

My name is Nathan and I am a current senior at the University of Michigan, studying Data Science. I am a long distance runner, avid reader, and a part-time gamer.

I joined Civil to try to do my part to end the growing divide between Americans. This divide is fostered by the practices of the mainstream media, but I don't believe it has to be this way. I am conservative because I believe that personal responsibility is paramount to a sustainable society.

  Devesh Modi   Strategist  

I graduated from the University of Michigan (2020) with degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration. I'm an avid skiier, car enthusiest, and adequate golfer.

I joined Civil as a strategic advisor to fight these slanted narratives, and help to re-introduce the common decency and respect that has been lost between the left and the right. I'm a right-leaning moderate because I believe that small government, free market capitalism, and preserving the sanctity of the first amendment are important elements in keeping our country moving forward towards a positive future.

  Marissa Billings   Editorial/Developmental Consultant  

My name is Marissa and I am graduating from the University of Utah with a degree in International Studies with an emphasis on economic development and a degree in Quantitative Analysis of Markets and Organizations with a Finance emphasis. I’m definitely a home body and I love to build planted aquariums and paludariums to live with.

I believe clear communication is rare but absolutely necessary to the health of any productive discussion. I have been sad to see those in my community stop communicating across the political spectrum. I became and editor and development consultant at Civil to help create a solution. I hold beliefs that vary across the political spectrum.

  Kevin Lenthe   Strategist  

My name is Kevin and I am pursuing a Business Economics major with a minor in Mathematics at the University of Utah. I’m a skiing fanatic, and golf to pass the time between winters.

I joined Civil because I’m frustrated with the frequency my political discussions devolve into argument. I consider myself socially moderate and fiscally conservative.

  Liam Walsh   Writer  

My name is Liam and I am studying Economics and International Studies at Michigan, where I also serve as an elected representative on the Central Student Government.

I joined Civil because I think the issue of polarization and bias in the media has some very, very dangerous consequences for our republic and I want to help make sure we head down the right path instead of a destructive one. I consider myself a liberal because I believe the current playing field is not level, and not everyone is afforded the same freedoms and liberties based on inherent factors.

  Max Russ   Writer  

My name is Max and I am a fourth-year media studies major at the University of Virginia. I like to write about music, film, and politics, and in my free time I host a weekly radio show and try my best at photography.

I joined Civil because I want to help ease our nation's political polarization. For me, that starts with supplying readers with factual news content that is reliable and unbiased. I believe journalism is foundational to our democracy, and while I lean to the left in my political views, I think it is vitally important to inform readers about current events with a civil and moderate perspective.

  Alexis Gero   Writer  

My name is Alexis and I’m a sophomore at Claremont McKenna College majoring in Economics and Art History. When I’m not studying or playing softball, I love going on hikes or to the beach.

I joined Civil as a writer because I am tired of traditional news corporations amplifying political polarization for monetary gain. I am left leaning because I believe that a government should be active in promoting social and political change.

  Jared Amen   Web-Design  

Hello! My name is Jared Amen and I am a fifth-year Computer Science student at the University of Utah. When I’m not working, I enjoy photography, music, writing, the occasional side coding project, and some video games from time to time.

I am helping to build Civil’s website, and I believe that our cause is incredibly beneficial for communities in today’s biased political landscape. I myself lean liberal, especially in social policies because I believe that liberal solutions to many problems are what’s best for the community and the individual in the long run.