Biden Gives His State of the Union Address

On March 1, President Biden delivered his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress.


It was an evening that saw a classic version of President Biden: a moderate Democrat trying to unite warring factions of Congress.

Throughout the evening, he spoke to liberal talking points like upholding Roe v. Wade, state laws about voter suppression, and raising the minimum wage. However, he also spoke to Republican priorities like prioritizing American production, a secure Southern border, and funding the police.

Our slides break down some of the biggest moments of the evening, with Biden quotes, partisan narrative, classroom questions, and fact checks. Get started below.

Left Narrative

Left-Lean Narrative

Right-Lean Narrative

Right Narrative

Questions & Answers

Reading Comprehension

Have your students take a reading comprehension quiz to see how well they understood the article and different opinions.

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Discussion Questions

  1. Do you think the State of the Union is important? Why?
  2. Has your perspective changed on any of the policy issues Biden brought up?
  3. What stood out to you from Biden’s speech?
  4. Which policy issue from the speech is the most important to you?

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