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In an update from Axios, days before the shooting, a teacher caught the suspect searching for ammunition on his phone during class. A teacher also found a drawing of a gun and a figure appearing to have been shot twice. School officials had the grounds to search the suspect’s locker but decided against it. Prosecutors “have not ruled out charging anyone” when asked if the school may be charged.

The Associated Press reported that the suspect’s parents had been arrested on four counts of involuntary manslaughter. Judge Julie Nicholson deemed the parents a flight risk and assigned a bail of $500,000 to each, even requiring GPS monitoring if they manage to post bail. However, their attorney argues that they were en route to meet with him the morning of the arrest, not fleeing. 

In a study of 105 school shootings committed by minors from 1999 to 2018, the Washington Post found that the weapon used was taken from a child’s home — or a relative’s or friend’s home — 84 times. In only four of those instances were adult owners of the weapons criminally punished for failing to store them safely.

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