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Civil Campus Consultant

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Program Overview

Civil Media is looking for smart and creative college students for our Spring/Summer 2021 Campus Consultant program. You'll be the face of Civil at your school, and further our mission to bridge the political divide in our country.

The word “ambassador” probably brings to mind a student handing out fliers by the student union or sitting at a table imploring others to sign up for their email list. We’ve been in those shoes and hated it. That’s why we’ve created something better.


You’ll drive awareness, generate subscribers, and gather feedback from your peers on campus. We’ll never force you to do anything you don’t want to - like handing out stickers or walking around with a big sign.

We’ll also help you create and execute your own project (if you want). Our team is currently supporting two projects from Charlie and Sydney, two current Consultants. Charlie is interviewing students at UPenn about their views on hot-topic issues. Sydney is organizing a “Civil Conversation” with leaders from Democratic and Republican clubs at Berkeley.

The program runs from 3/22 - 5/10, with extension opportunities for high-performing students.

The Perks

Career Support

Our team contains student government officers, writers, a Bain consultant, and obviously, entrepreneurs! Civil wouldn’t be where it is today without mentors to guide us along the way, and we want to give you that same guidance wherever possible. Whether it be on resumes, cover letters, a letter of recommendation, or intro’s at companies you want to work at, everyone on our team supports each other, and that extends to you too.


When you refer enough people, we’ll send you stickers, tshirts, hoodies, Visa Gift cards, and even an annual subscription to the digital service of your choice!

Our partner, Underground Printing (UGP), is also offering one-time bulk-order discounts towards custom merch orders for your club on campus: fraternity, sorority, student government, etc.

Meaningful Experience

Now, more than ever, companies are looking for college graduates who are skilled and want to make the world a better place. Working at Civil checks both those boxes: The opportunity to form your own expansion strategy, grow a media brand on your campus, and own a project of your choosing.


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Current Consultants

Taylor Bently
Chapman University

"I'm passionate about marketing and the power of the hard facts in today’s world, Civil gives me the chance to pursue both."

Sydney Hilbush
UC Berkeley

"In a world where we exist largely in echo chambers, Civil gives me the unique opportunity to reach across the aisle and facilitate open, respectful dialogue with students of all political leanings."

Brian Kraska
University of Michigan

"I'm passionate about engaging with the on-going political evolution in our country and hope to facilitate the development of a more agreeable community through transparency and collaborative rhetoric."

Charles Ross
University of Pennsylvania

"Working for Civil combines my interests of Political Science and Behavioral Psychology while tying into my business studies."