Content Intern

My name is Ashlyn and I am a current civil engineering student at Virginia tech and expect to graduate May of 2025. I am an avid hiker, extreme dog lover and do actually enjoy physics.At Virginia Tech I am involved in the school's clay target shooting team, the red cross club, the Virginia Tech student newspaper and the concrete canoe design team.

I decided to get involved with Civil Media due to the state our world is in today. I've always been a firm believer that we as Americans need to focus on the facts rather then the political portrayals of events and that is exactly in keeping with the mission of Civil.

Most Important Issues

The second amendment - I have grown up shooting all my life and am currently on the shotgun team at my college. I believe any type of mass gun control will not work and will only hurt the lawful, other measures can and should be explored instead of mandating a rule for all.

Free speech - these days this particular topic has become a blur. Everyone has the right to speak freely but needs to do so in a respectful way which is unfortunately not what many people on the left right or middle are doing these days at all.

Media bias - every media outlet for the most part reports from either a left or right perspective. To often people only know one side of the news or they know the perspective they want to hear so they don't know the facts as a whole and therefore arguments then spark up.

Political Compass

October 1, 2021

Test taken via Results are not intended to fully encompass the political ideas of each team member, but can serve as a short-hand representation.