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Devesh Modi

Strategic Advisor

My name is Devesh, and I graduated from the University of Michigan (2020) with degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration. I'm an avid skier, car enthusiast, and adequate golfer. I joined Civil as a strategic advisor to combat the shameful biases of mainstream media (on all sides), and help to re-introduce the common decency and respect that has been lost between the left and the right. I'm a right-leaning moderate because I believe that small government, free market capitalism, and preserving the sanctity of the first amendment are important elements in keeping our country moving forward towards a positive future.

Most Important Issues

The 1st Amendment - the importance of free speech a core tenant that makes this country strong. In recent years it feels as though certain groups in our country have forgotten this principle, which is why I think it's more critical than ever now to protect and preserve this critical freedom and all it encompasses.

COVID - The past two years have shown just how fragile personal freedom can be in a democratic society. I think the government has overstepped on numerous fronts (across the past two administrations), and I hope to see an immediate change in the current administrations sentiment towards public pandemic policy.

Moderation - Political extremism is an obstacle to progress in this country. I could honestly care less if someone leans right or left, but the inability to compromise and find common ground because of immutable one-sided opinions is a serious problem.

Political Compass
October 1, 2021

Test taken via politicalcompass.org. Results are not intended to fully encompass the political ideas of each team member, but can serve as a short-hand representation.