Content Specialist

My name is Hannah, and I graduated from The Ohio State University in 2021 with degrees in Political Science and Journalism. I am a dog lover, book enthusiast, and love doing yoga in my free time, despite the fact that I have no flexibility.I grew up attending small private school in Boca, Raton FL while living in a very politically passionate household. It wasn't until I went to Ohio State with 45,000 students that I became exposed to the wide range of views young adults hold. It took some time to stop doubting my own views just because my classmates felt differently.

Being able to have conversations with people all over the political spectrum allowed me to become more secure about my own personal beliefs. I was instantly drawn to Civil because I believe we all have reasons for what we think and support. It is important for us to understand and respect that our lived experiences differ and that talking with others can actually broaden our perspectives while still holding firm in what we personally believe in.

Most Important Issues

Gun control. I grew up in a city 10 minutes away from Stoneman Douglas High School and mourned the loss of a community member that day. No one should go to school, the movies, or the grocery store in fear of becoming a victim of a mass shooting, which is why we need sensible gun legislation.

Women's rights. Women have fought long and hard just to be seen as equal to men. We need to continue to fight so that women are free from violence in their homes, receive the same pay as their male coworkers, and are treated with respect in the workplace.

The environment. Climate change is real and worse now than ever. Higher temperatures and strong natural disasters paired with a lack of action by the government and through every day human activities is putting future generations at risk. This is our only planet, and we need to take care of it fast.

Political Compass

October 1, 2021

Test taken via politicalcompass.org. Results are not intended to fully encompass the political ideas of each team member, but can serve as a short-hand representation.