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Jonathan Good

Content Specialist

My name is Jonathan, and I am a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I earned my bachelor's degree in Political Science with a second major in Peace, War, and Defense and concentrated in International Security and Intelligence. I love to play board games and watch movies and TV shows. My enjoyment of these hobbies is only eclipsed by my love for politics. I am a major political junkie, especially about election analysis. It is this passion that drives me to work at Civil. I believe that informed debate is the lifeblood of a democratic society, and Civil helps foster that discussion.

Most Important Issues

Climate Change - Humanity has a responsibility to each other and future generations to protect our planet. We must act to stop the effects of climate change before they become permanent.

Gerrymandering - Across the U.S., many states have a long history of gerrymandering, which has somehow become a politically acceptable form of voter suppression. I believe gerrymandering is discriminatory, anti-democratic, and has no place in our government.

Capital Punishment - Wrongful convictions are widespread throughout the American criminal justice system. While always a tragedy, I believe these cases are especially egregious when the state imposes an irreversible verdict: the death penalty. The death penalty does not bolster public safety, is fiscally irresponsible, is morally wrong, and it is time to abolish it.

Political Compass
December 8, 2021

Test taken via politicalcompass.org. Results are not intended to fully encompass the political ideas of each team member, but can serve as a short-hand representation.