Editorial Advisor

I believe clear communication is rare but absolutely necessary to the health of any productive discussion. I have been sad to see those in my community stop communicating across the political spectrum. I became an editor and development consultant at Civil to help create a solution. I hold beliefs from across the political spectrum and after a bit of civil listening, I find that there are many who believe there is more to engaging in politics than two-party fighting.

I graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in International Development and Business Economics. I grew up going to school all year round, between Idaho and Japan. I learned to love both the sprawling cityscapes and the rugged mountains. Now, I live in NYC spending my free time reading in the park and creating paludariums to bring nature into my home. When I have time, I love a little trip out of the city to forage and backpack.

Most Important Issues

I am extremely passionate about collaborative industry climate change solutions, equity in work, and stable international relations.

Political Compass

October 1, 2021

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