Founder & CEO

My name is Max, and I graduated from the University of Michigan (2020) with a degree in Political Science. I'm a news junky, extraordinarily mediocre golfer, and am constantly at odds with my lactose intolerance and passion for ice cream.

I lived in 13 different houses growing up, in areas with various economic and racial compositions. Along the way, I've met Americans from different backgrounds, each with unique experiences and corresponding beliefs.

I founded Civil because we need to remember that people don't have strong beliefs for no reason. Sure, some views (on both sides) are just wrong. However, the vast majority of issues that divide us are far from black and white, right and wrong. We all need to start viewing different as a little more okay.

Most Important Issues

Environment - All the other policy issues won't matter if we don't have a habitable earth to debate them on.

Misinformation - Information is only as reliable as the people receiving it. We need to teach Americans how to seek out reliable information.

Education - Our school systems don't prepare students for the technical, professional, or ideological challenges that await them. It's time for an upgrade.

Political Compass

October 1, 2021

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